Volta Energy Products, Inc. is a subsidiary of Viridi Parente, Inc. Volta’s charter is to provide Lithium-ion battery cells and modules for industrial and commercial energy applications. Volta focuses on safety, energy density, cold temperature performance, cycle life, and industry leading value. Volta provides battery cells through its own custom formulations and by sourcing third party cells from various international manufacturers. Using the resources of Volta’s state-of-the-art battery test facility in Buffalo, New York and the knowledge of its team of highly experienced battery experts, all cells and modules go through a rigorous certification process to ensure safety, quality, and adherence to performance specifications.

About Certified Cells & Modules

Volta Energy Products, Inc. is a distributor for a wide range of manufactured lithium-ion battery cells and modules. Volta’s certified cells and modules offer best in class pricing and availability.

Volta Energy Products, Inc.’s experienced cell development team, and Asian based cell quality and procurement team have developed a rigorous certification process. Utilizing the state-of-the-art testing facility located in Buffalo, New York, Volta Energy Products, Inc. verifies safety, quality, authenticity and adherence to the published specifications of all cells and modules it distributes. Our team on the ground in Asia deals directly with the cell manufacturers and manages all shipments directly from the manufacturers dock, eliminating the possibility of counterfeit cells entering the supply chain. Not only will the cell team make sure that certified cells meet all the published specifications, but our test engineers will conduct reliability testing on every subsequent lot to ensure consistent performance.

With Volta certified cells you get access to the most cost-effective manufactures in the world with the security of knowing you are buying a certified call and/or module.